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ENDUREX Hardened PVC Sheet White

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ENDUREX Hardened PVC Sheet White

ENDUREX is the ideal panel for router-cut lettering due to its outstanding stability and lightweight characteristics. Will not warp, twist or delaminate!

ENDUREX is similar to PVC foam products however it is a far superior quality for more demanding applications. The manufacturing process results in a “skinning” or outer layer on the foam board creating a harder, smoother and more scratch resistant surface along with increased mechanical performance. It will not rot, is impact resistant and shatterproof, non-toxic, chemical resistant, fire retardant and self-extinguishing.

  • universal sheet for all longer-term interior and exterior applications
  • excellent robust printing substrate
  • hard-wearing semi-gloss surface – impact resistant and will not mark easily
  • ideal for router cut lettering and shapes
  • UV rated
  • three-dimensional forming using cold/hot bending and thermoforming

Suitable for longer-term interior and exterior use for all general signage and POS display applications. ENDUREX is ideal for router cut lettering and cut shapes, mounting board or can be printed.

Please note ENDUREX is not recommended for use in large format panels for exterior application.

ENDUREX is not suitable for the application of large areas of vinyl wrap. The heat build up between the substrate and wrap material, may cause the substrate to bow or buckle and the wrap material to lift from the substrate.

Available Thicknesses: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm


How to paint ENDUREX Hardened PVC Sheet

1. As with any surface to be painted, the trim or moulding must be clean, dry and free of chalk, grease, oil, dirt, mould or mildew. 
2. Apply a 100% acrylic latex paint with an LRV (light reflecting value) of 55 units or higher. (Generally, the higher the LRV, the lighter the colour. The LRV of a particular colour should be listed next to the colour on your paint dealer's colour chart). 
3. For paint colours with an LRV of 54 or lower, paint that has been specifically developed for application on PVC must be used. 
4. In every case, follow the paint manufacturer's recommendations for use and application of the paint. 
5. Due to the extended cure times of paint applied to PVC cellular trim or moulding, it is recommend installing ENDUREX products first and then painting, unless the trim or moulding is painted in a professional prefinishing operation (2 pac with oven) and allowed to cure completely. 

AVOID using dark colours of paint. This can lead to increased product expansion due to heat gain and can bow or buckle the ENDUREX Hardened PVC sheet.

AVOID stains, oils/alkyd paints and primers or vinyl-based paint.

Endurex Hardened PVC TDS

[File Size - 550.16KB]

Endurex Hardened PVC MSDS

[File Size - 232.8KB]

Endurex FR Test NF P92-501 M1

[File Size - 1.31MB]

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