Readily Available Stock

There’s no such thing as out of stock here in CPH Group. Our massive purpose-built warehouse and distribution centre in Victoria has all the products in our range. We buy in bulk and keep large quantities in our warehouse, so we can supply your order in full whenever you need it.


We always make sure to dispatch your items within 1 working day after placing your order. Our warehouse tracking and express delivery system ensure that your order is dispatched quickly and delivered on time.


No Back-Orders


We do our best to avoid any back-orders from any of our customers. Once the order is placed, our team works on bringing it to you in 6 hours or less. Expect timely delivery, detailed order tracking, and zero waiting game when you transact with us.


Massive Stock


You will never run out of items to order with our massive stock on hand. We have every product you need tucked safely in our warehouse and ready for dispatch in case you need to order one. If you’re looking for a certain item, you can always contact us and we’ll have it packed. This is our commitment to give you fast and reliable service.


All of our products don’t have minimum orders except for certain substrates. We handle special orders too! However, this may take up to 7 to 9 weeks depending on the individual products. Purchase PROFLUTE, FOAMKOR, and MAXI-lite products as they’re displayed on our website.


Massive Range


Our massive range of products is catered not just to sign makers but also to professionals and DIY enthusiasts. We have vinyls for paintwork protection, sharp and high-quality cutters and blades, banner stands, magnets, steel mounts, PVC sheets, inks, and ink cartridges. These products are suited and built to last for your sign making, arts and crafts, and advertising materials.




As the leading wide format media and signage material supplier in Australia, we only have the best products that you know and trust. Brands like 3M, Neolite, MacTac, Neolam, Supatac, and many more are available on our website. These premium, durable, and affordable products are the best ones to use in your signage, printing, and advertising projects.