Self-Installation Graphics

Supadot is ideal for quick-change window graphics, displays and signage. It is easily shipped out to multiple sites for self-installation. Super simple to apply, even for novices … and it’s easily removed and re-used many times!

Your Target Market:

Service Stations, Home Environments, Education and Childcare Environments, Advertising Agencies for National Promotional Campaigns.

Ways to Reach Your Target Market:

Direct Phone, Text Campaigns, Video, Social platforms, Email Campaigns and Company Website. 

Blue Sky Thinking

Anyone can install Supadot – It’s great for domestic and commercial environments and ideal for quick-change promotions in retail, managing instant onsite updates such as changes in stock availabilities which might affect offerings such as fresh produce.

It is completely repositionable - remove and re-stick – and business owners can install and manage themselves.

The cost-saving is a bonus to your customer and would prove to be an attractive option for future flexible campaigns once they experience the ease with which it can be used.

Pitch this product to your customers with customised content. Imagine an early learning environment where brightly coloured graphics can be changed daily … or a flash sale for a retail store – what a great idea for them to generate some quick sales.

Use Supadot on mirrors in changerooms and cosmetic counters – changeable messages could promote complimentary items … think … “Would you like fries with that?”

The easiest self-adhesive vinyl to install - even novices can install it with no problems! 

Materials Are Ready

Pre-packaged Blue Sky materials are ready for quick ordering and dispatch. Once you receive your product, simply print, cut, and process it to your Customers’ custom needs and ship it to them ready to install or use.

Supadot SD4000 Matt White Vinyl with DOT Adhesive comes in roll sizes of 1370mm x 46mm.

Your Free Marketing Resources

Download your Blue Sky Marketing Kit, complete with material you can use to market directly to your Customers, add to your website, use in social media, post  or direct email to your database.