Colourful Walls to Brighten Every Room

Those confined to home will be keen to re-invent their indoor spaces to add colour and energy, especially to kids spaces - full wall installations are a fantastic solution.

Your Target Market:

Hospitals, Medical Centres, Childcare Environments, General Home and Home Schooling Environments and Home Offices. Commercial Office Fitouts, Hospitality Venues. Great for backgrounds for video conferencing.

Ways to Reach Your Target Market:

Direct Phone, Direct Mail, Text Campaigns, Video, Social platforms, Email Campaigns and Company Website.

Blue Sky Thinking...

WALLTEX WT101 is easy to install for DIY end users and is ideal for large-scale applications. It is a lightly textured, polyester fabric adhesive material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface! 

WT101 is non-toxic and eco-friendly and is perfectly suited to living environments. It can be removed, repositioned and reused multiple times without leaving a sticky residue or tearing, making it versatile - easily changed or relocated to another room. It is also water-resistant and has a scratch-resistant surface.

Large-scale graphics are the perfect solution to brighten any space at work or home. Adorn walls, windows, doors, and even fridges with beautiful, colourful graphics.

Transform a children’s ward or playroom into a fun circus or zoo environment … and imagine the fun the kids will have. Hospitals and Childcare Centres will love being able to change their environments to keep kids entertained.

High-resolution images are readily available from royalty-free image libraries such as Shutterstock and Unsplash. Ask your customers what they would like and give them a stunning result.

Customers may like to use one of their own images if the resolution and quality are good enough.

Brighten each day, change the mood or provide a fresh outlook - wall graphics will ensure maximum visual impact to break the boredom.

Materials Are Ready...

Pre-packaged Blue Sky materials are ready for quick ordering and dispatch. Once you receive your product, print, cut and process it to your Customers’ custom needs and ship it to them ready to install or use.

WALLTEX WT101 Wall Graphic Fabric Opaque Removable Adhesive is also available in 1370mm and 1520 wide rolls in 30-metre lengths. Based on a standard wall height of 2.4 metres, you'll get 12 drops. So a 1370X30M roll will cover approximately 15 metres of wall length, and you'll get around 17metres from a 1520mmX30M roll (this will vary dependant on your lead-in/lead-out when printing).