Creative Walls to Inspire

Using Mojave Wall Grafix Vinyl you can produce creative full wall graphics to brighten every room. Also take the opportunity to update your workspace and showcase your skills, it's a great selling tool.

Your Target Market:

Grocery and Retail Stores, Childcare and Recreation Centres and Gyms, Hospitals, Medical Centres, General Home and Home Schooling and Retail environments … and your workspace.

Ways to Reach Your Target Market:

Direct Phone, Direct Mail, Text Campaigns, Video, Social platforms, Email Campaigns and Company Website. Showcase your skills in your own workspace.

Blue Sky Thinking...

Mojave Wall Grafix makes it easy to produce creative and inspirational spaces. It is ideal for temporary and permanent applications to all clean walls with smooth surfaces such as painted plaster wall and glass windows. The unique low tack adhesive makes it easy to stick, remove and resposition without damaging the surface of the wall.

Over Laminating with Neoprint NPDE Dry Erase adds an anti-bacterial element and makes the surface easy to wipe down without damaging the graphics. Ideal for Childcare, Food, Gyms and an endless list of environments.

Dry Erase also doubles as a whiteboard surface, it creates and ideal surface for creative planning spaces for business, those in ISO situations and almost any indoor space that could do with a refreshing change to keep minds fresh, active and inspired.


Materials Are Ready...

Pre-packaged Blue Sky materials are ready for quick ordering and dispatch. Once you receive your product, simply print, cut and process to your Customers’ custom needs and ship to them ready to install or use.

Mojave Wall Grafix White Matt Micro-Sphere Adhesive is also available in 1370mm wide rolls in 45.7metre lengths. Based on an average retail ceiling height of 3.5 metres, you'll get 13 drops, so around 17 metres of wall length. For a standard domestic or office space wall height of 2.4metres, you'll get 19 drops which is about 26 metres of wall length (this will vary dependant on your lead-in/lead-out when printing).

High resolution images are readily available from Royalty Free image libraries such as Shutterstock and Unsplash. Ask your customers what they would like and provide them with a stunning result.

Your Free Marketing Resources

Download your Blue Sky Marketing Kit, complete with material you can use to market directly to your Customers, add to your website, use in social media, post or direct email to your database.