Floorgraphics for Unique Surfaces

Branding and promotional positioning in the form of floor graphics provide great opportunities for advertising at exhibitions, functions and sporting events, both indoors and outdoors. Often, however...

These surfaces can pose difficult installation challenges because of their unique nature. We take a look at the key features of our floor graphics products and some tips for achieving the perfect installation.

As a General Guide:

Surfaces where the print is to be applied should be free from grit, grease, chemicals, fibre and any other loose debris that may impact the effectiveness of the adhesive. It should also be dry and free from moisture.

Allow the graphic to dry completely after printing and before applying. This usually takes around 48 hours but may be longer, depending on the drying environment and weather conditions.

If graphics are to be overlaminated, as with all digital print media, it is essential that outgassing be done correctly, usually allowing 48 hours, and that this be factored into the installation timeframe to ensure optimum results.

The durability of each floor graphic product is affected by a number of factors, including traffic conditions, the installation environment, and exposure to elements such as heat sources and moisture.

Print variables can also significantly reduce durability. The condition and quality of the underlying surface also play a critical part in the adhesion and performance of each application.

It is recommended that each material be tested for adhesion and durability on the intended surface before rolling out any project.


ALUTEX AT13 Heavy Textured Conformable Aluminium Foil conforms easily over just about any surface and doesn’t shrink back or return to its original form. It has an aluminium foil base and a high tack acrylic solvent adhesive that provides exceptional adhesion to and durability on asphalt, rough roads, unpainted concrete and pavement surfaces.

ALUTEX is a print and go media, there’s no need to laminate. It's also recyclable.

As ALUTEX is NATA Slip-Rated R11 AS 4586-2013, you can be confident that it will provide excellent slip resistance in traffic areas. The surface is suitable for outdoor use and is drive-over tough. Ease of removal will depend on the surface it is applied to and the length of time it has been installed.

Installation Tips:

Lay the decal on the ground using a glove, as the surface is rough. Then apply using a firm rubber roller such as a vinyl flooring roller which can be purchased from flooring wholesalers.

Alternatively, use a stiff bristle, deck scrub broom to “stipple” the decal to conform the media to the rough surface, then whack the broom down vertically, not in a sweeping motion.

The edges and the decal surface should conform to the texture of the underlying surface. Both methods worked well without damaging the print!


CarpetTEX High Texture Vinyl is the ultimate advertising solution for indoor exhibitions and floor promotions. Its unique adhesive adheres to almost every type of carpet, including low-pile carpet and carpet tiles. It is ideally suited to short-term applications, offering clean removability for up to 6 weeks.

CarpetTEX has a slip-resistant, heavy-textured surface and is CSIRO slip-rated to AS4586:201, making it suitable for traffic areas. There’s no need to overlaminate CarpetTEX - Just print and go!

Installation Tips:

As well as following the general guidelines, thoroughly vacuum the carpet to ensure the surface is free from dirt, fibre and any loose debris. The best results can be achieved by firmly applying standard installation techniques to the carpet area. 

CarpetTEX has been tested under many conditions and has proven highly reliable in its performance. Removal within one month of application is recommended; however, optimum removal time may be reduced to 14 days, depending on the carpet type.

Neoprint SS1000 Concrete Vinyl

Neoprint SS1000 Concrete Vinyl delivers reasonable levels of conformability and super strong adhesion on the roughest surfaces. It is ideal for use on pavement traffic areas and asphalt and textured surfaces such as concrete and brick walls. Neoprint SS1000 suits indoor and outdoor use on the most demanding textured applications. It is particularly suited to other short-term, “hard-to-stick-to” applications. When used on traffic areas such as pavements, it is recommended that Neoprint SS1000 be over-laminated with Neolam NL-FLOOR Textured Anti-Slip Overlaminate.

Installation Tips:

Given that Neoprint SS1000 is a thicker 200μ monomeric PVC, use of a firm rubber roller or similar firm application to ensure that the initial adhesion is gained, even over uneven surfaces.


Neolam NL-FLOOR Textured Anti-Slip Floorgraphic Overlaminate has a deep grain textured non-slip surface. It offers excellent protection for indoor floor graphics and is ideal for short- and medium-term use in light-traffic areas. Neolam NL-FLOOR passed the AS/NZS 4586: 2013 NATA Slip Test using the Wet Pendulum Test and rated P3, making it certified for slip resistance and approved to Australian floorgraphic standards.UV absorbers resist UV degradation, and the textured matt surface prevents undesired glare. NL-Floor can be used to enhance image brightness and improve print duration, reducing fade or damage to the print.

Installation Tips:

Neolam NL-FLOOR should be laminated to the base vinyl using standard cold laminating techniques for any other laminate. Heat-assisted laminating will make this process easier.


Contact us if you're not sure which product is best suited to the unique surface you are working with. We can recommend a solution for any application ... horizontal or vertical!