Aslan is the iconic German brand that has redefined the art of masking in the transport and Australian signage industries. Aslan's Spray and Mask film is the world's most sought-after universal stencil film, setting a gold standard for flexibility, durability, and precision.

Designed to embrace curved surfaces, contours, and edges with unmatched grace, this tear-resistant film becomes an artist's ally. It offers the ease of clean, residue-free removal in one piece, ensuring that your projects stay flawless from start to finish.

Aslan's Spray and Mask film is a game-changer for multi-layer painting on touch-dry paints. It guarantees sharp contours, preventing any paint from sneaking underneath, resulting in a finish that's nothing short of perfection. It's tailor-made for the transport and truck branding industry, where precision matters most.

With Aslan, every project becomes a masterpiece. Whether it's for overlapping designs or complex touch-ups, this spray and mask film ensures that your vision is executed flawlessly. Plus, it's suitable for baked-on vehicle paints, guaranteeing longevity and brilliance.

Choose Aslan, the epitome of masking excellence. Experience a world where precision and innovation meet, and every project is a work of art.