R-Tape - The Global Standard in Application Tape

R-Tape, proudly made in the USA, has earned its place as the world's foremost manufacturer of application tape and premasks. With a legacy of excellence that spans the sign, screen printing, and digital printing industries, R-Tape is synonymous with precision and quality.

Unrivaled Expertise: With decades of expertise, R-Tape has honed its craft to perfection. Its product range, extending from application tapes to decorative vinyl films, overlaminates, print media, and paint masks, speaks to its deep understanding of the graphic arts.

Global Trust: R-Tape is not just a brand; it's a trusted companion for professionals worldwide. Its application tapes are the go-to choice for ensuring precise transfers in various printing applications.

Precision and Perfection: When it comes to achieving flawless results, R-Tape is the name that experts rely on. Its application tapes make every step of the process a masterpiece of precision and ease.

Choose R-Tape for an application tape that sets the global standard. With a legacy built on innovation and quality, R-Tape ensures that your projects are a testament to precision and perfection, from the first transfer to the final result. R-Tape: Where excellence meets application.