Which Substrate Where?

Although the selection seems simple, choosing the right substrate can affect results, budget and brand identity. Under-engineering or using short-term materials for a lengthy promotion can degrade the look of the brand. Alternatively, using permanent materials for a month-long promotion is not an economical use of resources.

Here’s a basic guide:


PROBOND Aluminium Composite Panel

Rust-resistant, sturdy and highly durable, yet lightweight, PROBOND is ideal for use on exterior signage, pylon and sign construction, but is not limited to outdoor applications.

Suitable for long-term interior and exterior applications such as pylon signs, traffic and directional signage, long-term corporate branding and interior fit-outs.

The PROBOND range includes a variety of panel suitable for shorter-term or long-term applications, superior coatings and differing aluminium grades, making certain products better for folding and routing.


SIGNCRYL Cast Acrylic Sheet

SIGNCRYL is a premium grade acrylic sheet which offers excellent clarity, durability and strength and is easily fabricated. Lighter yet stronger than glass, it offers high weatherability, break resistance, superb light dispurtion and resistance to most chemicals.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, it is the ideal choice for corporate branding, general signage and display applications. Highly suited for signage incorporating vinyl lettering.

Thicknesses: Available in 3, 4.5, 6, 10, 20 and 25mm thicknesses across key colours with varying degrees of transparency.


ENDUREX Expanded Foam PVC Sheet

ENDUREX is ideal for router-cut lettering due to its stability and lightweight character. ENDUREX is similar to PVC foam products however it is superior quality for more demanding applications.

The manufacturing process results in a “skinning” or outer layer creating a harder, smoother and more scratch resistant surface along with increased mechanical performance.

ENDUREX will not rot, is impact resistant and shatterproof, non-toxic, chemical resistant, fire retardant and self-extinguishing.

Suitable for longer-term interior and exterior use.

Thicknesses: Available in White, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm.


PROBOND, SIGNCRYL and ENDUREX are all ideal substrates for CNC Router Cut Lettering and Formwork

2 Over-sized Routers Onsite we can Process your 4000mm x 2000mm Sheets


PROFLUTE Fluted Sheet

A continuously extruded fluted polypropylene copolymer plastic sheet, PROFLUTE is an all-weather, lightweight material for use in short-term signage. It is low-cost and suitable for direct printing, making it ideal for economical short-term requirements such as portable event signage and quick change-out promotions.

This product is not recommended for long-term exterior signage. Available in White for Direct UV Printing and also Black and Yellow.

Suitable for short-term interior and exterior applications where economy is a key consideration.

Thicknesses: Available in Black and Yellow in 5mm, and White, 3mm and 5mm across a variety of sheet sizes.


MAXI-lite Digital PVC Sheet

Non-rusting, all weather plastic sheet substrate. MAXI-lite is a lightweight, rigid product that can be used in areas were weight is a concern, primarily for interior signage.

MAXI-lite is directly printable using UVdigital and screen-printing, making it an economical choice. It has an easy-peel protective liner and the face is print-ready with no need for pre-treatment.

A matt finish which glare and enhances legibility.  MAXI-lite is available in black, 3mm and white in a variety of sizes.

Suitable for long-term interior use in directional signage, POS displays, exhibits and mounting of graphics. It is also suitable for short-term exterior promotional applications.

Thicknesses: Available in Black, 3mm and White, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 5mm.

FOAMKOR Foam Board Sheet

With white clay-coated printing grade paper faces on both sides, FOAMKOR is well-suited to direct printing by UV digital and screen-printing. It cuts cleanly and responds well to embossing processes.

FOAMKOR is ideal for indoor graphic applications such as poster mounting, photo mounting, display windows and tabletop signage.

Suitable for shorter term indoor graphic applications.

Thicknesses: Available in White, 5mm, 10mm and 20mm.


If you’re not sure which substrate is best for your particular application, contact our technical team here at CPH on 1800 555 060 and we’ll be able to direct you to the most suitable material.